BUM Edition 5: Enough


When do we have enough; what more could we do?

BUM Edition 5: Enough ruminates on the idea of adequacy; exploring diverse topics such as the housing crisis, Pride in Japan, the sweet solitude of reading, arranged marriage, the ethics of scratchcards, life after a career in circus and self-building with hemp, along with plenty more.

Available in a limited edition of 150, BUM Edition 5 contains contributions by international artists, writers, architects and designers including:

  • It’s Beautiful by writer Ayano Yoshida
  • Finding Phenomena: Affordable? by critic Franny Françoise
  • Beyond the Culture of Reproductivity by writer and researcher Litty Salas
  • Circus Ends by circus artist Natalie Oleinik
  • The Garden Hide, an interview with architect Kate Nicklin 
  • Shelf Life by writer and filmmaker Hanan Mahbouba
  • Maslotto: Win What You Already Have by designer Emily George
  • Fleeting Cloud by spatial designer Areej Al-Musalhi
  • Your Flowers Will Not Bloom in This by ceramicist Hania Akhtar

Layout design, editing and binding by Roosa Melentjeff and Lee Marable in Helsinki, Finland.

Risograph printed by Claire Guyot at Riso On The Moon in Toulouse, France.