BUM Edition 1: Common – SOLD OUT


BUM Edition 1: Common is the second publication from BUM Editions. Available in a limited edition of 100 individually numbered magazines.

BUM Edition 1 gathers a series of articles, projects and artworks from artists, architects and designers around the theme ‘Common’.

Contributions include:

  • Evolving Workspace by interior architect Markus Holste
  • The City as A School by architect Andra Antone
  • Consider “The” Dictionary by design writer and curator Lara Chapman
  • Collective Wisdom by architect Lee Marable
  • Foreshore: Temporarily Open by designer Charlotte V Smith
  • Time in Common by visual artists Hikari Nishida and Signe Cygan
  • Hull of a Home by ceramicist Mimi McPartlan
  • Finding Phenomena: The Harju Morgue Case by Franny Françoise
  • Super Lover by designer Roosa Melentjeff

Risograph printed and bound in Stockholm Sweden by Anna and Johanna at Jemini Press.

Layout design and editing by Roosa Melentjeff and Lee Marable

BUM Edition 1 is also available as part of our subscription scheme!

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Why do BUM Editions cost €25 in our online shop?

Risograph Printing Costs: ~€7.50 / copy

Contributor’s Fees: ~€7.50 / copy

Packing Costs: ~€1 / copy

VAT: €2.50 /copy

Editing, Design, Prepress, Administration, Marketing, Illustration: €5.50 / copy