BUM Edition 3: Steps


An express bus rattles towards Ofunato; a cracker cracks in a cricket match; a photographer crouches in a disused canal; a dress dances with its friend Contrary Wind; a convent encloses an oasis of orange trees; a laptop fan blows hot air onto your thighs…

BUM Edition 3: Steps is available now (!) in a limited edition of 150 risograph-printed magazines. The edition gathers articles, projects and artworks from international contributors including:

  • Is “Reconstruction” Right? by writer Ayano Yoshida
  • Finding Phenomena: Lippakioski by Franny Françoise
  • Slippery Mayo by artist Laura Cemin
  • Psychogeographical Steps In Barcelona by designers Clément Rames and Roger Guilemany
  • Rise and Run by architect Essi Oikarinen
  • One More Try by designer and illustrator Johan Gaussens
  • Cooking Though Illustration by maker Mariana Núñez Sánchez
  • My Day As A Turquoise Dress by textile designer Eve Hamari
  • The Flight At Combe Hay by photographer Dave Merritt
  • Wallpaper No. 2 by architect Lee Marable

Layout design, editing and binding by Roosa Melentjeff and Lee Marable in Helsinki, Finland.

Risograph printed by Anna and Johanna at Jemini Press in Stockholm, Sweden.

BUM Edition 3 is available both as a single edition and as part of our subscription service!


Why does BUM cost €25 in our online shop?

Risograph Printing Costs: ~€7.50 / copy

Contributor’s Fees: ~€7.50 / copy

Packing Costs: ~€1 / copy

VAT: €2.50 /copy

Editing, Design, Prepress, Administration, Marketing, Illustration: €5.50 / copy