BUM Edition 3: Steps


An express bus rattles towards Ofunato; a cracker cracks in a cricket match; a photographer crouches in a disused canal; a dress dances with its friend Contrary Wind; a convent encloses an oasis of orange trees; a laptop fan blows hot air onto your thighs…

BUM Edition 3: Steps is available now (!) in a limited edition of 150 risograph-printed magazines. The edition gathers articles, projects and artworks from international contributors including:

  • Is “Reconstruction” Right? by writer Ayano Yoshida
  • Finding Phenomena: Lippakioski by Franny Françoise
  • Slippery Mayo by artist Laura Cemin
  • Psychogeographical Steps In Barcelona by designers Clément Rames and Roger Guilemany
  • Rise and Run by architect Essi Oikarinen
  • One More Try by designer and illustrator Johan Gaussens
  • Cooking Though Illustration by maker Mariana Núñez Sánchez
  • My Day As A Turquoise Dress by textile designer Eve Hamari
  • The Flight At Combe Hay by photographer Dave Merritt
  • Wallpaper No. 2 by architect Lee Marable

Layout design, editing and binding by Roosa Melentjeff and Lee Marable in Helsinki, Finland.

Risograph printed by Anna and Johanna at Jemini Press in Stockholm, Sweden.