BUM Edition 2: Just – SOLD OUT


BUM Edition 2: Just is here! Available in a limited edition of 150 individually numbered, risograph-printed magazines.

What makes a good public space? When is a species invasive? Why can’t I find a good public toilet? And what on earth is going down on Second Street? BUM Edition 2 gathers a series of articles, projects and artworks from artists, architects and designers around the theme ‘Just’.

Contributions include:

  • Just Toilets by architect Marianna Janowicz
  • Finding Phenomena: Democratic Sports by Franny Françoise
  • Love Thy (Non-Human) Neighbour by designer Louize Harries
  • Just A Second by visual artist Dominique Ellis
  • Umpire Chairs by visual artist and architect Elisabeth Ek
  • That’s Not Just the Way It Is! by civil servant Ashleigh Watkins
  • Zoom Room by interior architect Markus Holste
  • All Inclusive by architectural designer Cristina Gaidos and architect Mark David Flynn
  • Don’t Go Don’t Go Don’t Go Stay Here / Don’t Ever End by painter Linden Carter
  • Panopti-fun by architect Lee Marable

Risograph printed in Stockholm Sweden by Anna and Johanna at Jemini Press.

Binding, layout design and editing by Roosa Melentjeff and Lee Marable.