BUM Edition 0 + BUM Edition 2


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BUM Edition 0 is the first publication from BUM Editions.

HOPE! We all need a little more of it, and BUM Edition 0 gathers a series of articles, projects and artworks based on the notion that things will all be alright in the end… hopefully.

Contributions include:

  • Eve Hamari
  • Franny Françoise
  • Roosa Melentjeff
  • Lee Marable

BUM Edition 2 gathers a series of articles, projects and artworks from artists, architects and designers around the theme ‘Just’. Edition will be published in March 2021.

Contributions include:

  • Markus Holste
  • Dominique Ellis
  • Ashleigh Watkins
  • Marianne Janowicz from Edit Collective
  • Linden Carter
  • Louize Harries
  • Mark David Flynn and Cristina Gaidos
  • Elisabeth Ek

Risograph printed and bound in Stockholm Sweden by Anna and Johanna at Jemini Press.

Layout design and editing by Roosa Melentjeff and Lee Marable