Roosa Melentjeff

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Torso Magazine

Developing Torso allowed me to work in an art directorial role, designing and producing photo shoots, as well as redesigning the entire layout and purpose of the magazine. I also created content for Torso: writing articles, producing illustrations and designing spread layouts for Torso during two editions, until my graduation from Aalto in 2018.

EPIC – A packaging Design

This packaging design was conducted in a multidisciplinary group consisting of an engineer, graphic designers and product designers. The graphic design supports the natural and ecological essence of the food served, showing ingredients used in the preparation of the meals. The eating experience starts from receiving the package from the delivery person, and a beautiful and functioning packaging is a start for a pleasant meal.

Alphabet of Human Rights

This graphic design project consists of four sheets of alphabets from A-Ö (with the Finnish letters å, ä and ö). It is a piece that could be published in four pages in a magazine or as a series of posters or prints of other kind. I wanted the interesting shapes and textures to allure the eye and make the piece to stand out, with the intention of viewer reading one or two or all the notes concerning human rights.


I wanted to create a ceramic container perfect size to store jewellery or delicacies. Round shape is friendly and fits the hand perfectly, so the lid can be lifted with just one hand. The clear glaze is decorated with matt gold ceramic stencil decal.


Cobalt oxide llustrations on white stoneware depict moments from female life with all its lumps and bumps. These containers are an homage to female body – they celebrate the often ugly and hidden moments; shaving legs, inserting a tampon, wedgies, lumpy tummy in tight stockings, etc. Instead of hiding these moments I want them visible, that’s why images are painted on ceramic surface – they are permanent.


Ceramic candleholder collection is decorated with under and overglaze oxides and pigments and porcelain painting. Different shapes and sizes combined with colourful surface decoration create a harmonious group that changes as you assemble them in a new way.


Aegis, described in the book of Iliad, is a shield carried by Athena and Zeus. My interpretation of Aegis as a soft, protective blanket of a shield that can be wrapped around oneself. Half of the blanket is filled with rice, making it heavy and comforting, like a hug.

Strong Girls

Strong Girls are another exploration from me about female form, what is conventionally considered beautiful and what not, 
and then trying to brake those conceptions. These images are intended to work as illustrations for prints and also used 
in digital concepts.