BUM Editions Slow Subscription


Our “Slow Subscription” gives you the same 20% discount as our basic subscription but without the upfront payment.

The “Slow Subscription” means that you commit to purchasing the next issue, and we commit to giving you 20% discount on each of them. Each issue will cost €15 + postage, rather than the normal €20 online price, with payment upon release of the Edition.

Each time a new Edition is released, we will send an invoice for the issue and after the payment is received we will send the issue straight to your door!

You will receive:

  • BUM Edition 5: Enough (~December 2021)

By purchasing the “Slow Subscription” you agree to purchase the following:

  • BUM Edition 5: Enough (~December 2021)

With payment for each issue fixed at €15 + postage and due upon release of each edition.

This subscription cannot be cancelled and purchasing this option obliges you to pay the invoice issued for each new release until BUM Edition 5.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at hello@bumeditions.com