BUM Edition 0: Hope

This portfolio consists of photographs of BUM Edition 0: Hope, published in December 2019. The magazine was risograph printed by Jemini Press in a limited edition of 100. 

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The cover is printed in yellow and fluorescent pink soy ink. A mixed media collage was adapted for risograph printing by the editorial team.

BUM Edition 0 Slideshow


The editorial page discusses the theme of the issue, setting the scene for the critical articles and artworks to follow.

Inside Cover

Each issue is loosely thematic, Edition 0 was themed “Hope”.


The magazine is designed to feature thin pages, which we call “nubs”. The nubs contain text which relates to the artworks and images opposite. This means that artworks can fill a page uninterrupted.

Large Folding Spreads

The magazine also features 4 large folding spreads, which are approximately three times the size of a standard page. These typically contain large artworks, or long-form critical articles

Risograph Photography Detail

The layout and risograph technique help to tie the magazine’s content together into a coherent whole.

Middle Spread

The middle spread generally contains an artwork, project or article which fills the whole spread and could potentially be removed as a pull out. Edition 0 features a collage. Edition 1 features a pull out map and commentary of London’s urban beaches.

Graphic Design

The graphic design of the magazine is consistent across spreads and issues, allowing the content to speak for itself.

Artwork Features

Artworks, such as this piece “Rag Friends” by textile designer Eve Hamari, are edited for risograph printing by the editorial team in collaboration with the artist.

Critical Articles

Critical articles of various sizes and across disciplines are featured. The magazine aims to help artists, designers, architects and critics intermingle and explore relationships between fields.

Varied Content

Illustrated articles on subjects such as female representation in media and urban design on adjacent spreads demonstrates the diversity of subject matter explored.


Large folded spreads offer a range of “canvas” sizes for contributors. Which can be adapted depending on article length and artwork size/type.

Back Cover Detail