Collective Wisdom




Collective Wisdom is a project aiming to explore collective living at both an urban and personal scale within the European City. The project proposes a housing typology comprised of fixed basic structures and cores which provide an armature for adaptation. Private living spaces of various sizes can be created using infill walls, each containing a bathroom, kitchenette and access to a private outdoor space. A series of large communal living areas, including a rooftop terrace, are shared by all residents. The typology can be repeated horizontally to form a network of new urban streets; a ‘High Street’, bordered by rentable commercial spaces, and an inner ‘Mews Street’, flanked by communal living rooms.

Economically, the housing typology can follow the existing Finnish model, with the building owned by a Housing Co-Operative and shares in the co-operative purchased based on the area (m2) of living accommodation required. Rent from the ground floor commercial units can contribute to the upkeep of the building’s fabric and communal spaces.



Lee Marable