BUM Edition 1: Common

This portfolio consists of a slidehow of the completed magazine and selected draft spreads from the forthcoming BUM Edition 1: Common, which will be published in November 2020. The magazine was risograph printed by Jemini Press in a limited edition of 100. Photos and videos of the printing process are also included on this page. The magazine contains contributions by visual artists, architects, curators, interior architects and designers.

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BUM Edition 1: Common Slideshow

Gallery of images of the completed magazine which will be released in November 2020

Consider the Dictionary

Long-form critical article discussing the ethics of lexicography by curator and design writer Lara Chapman.

The City as a School

Short article by architect Andra Antone discussing the potential for education to take place in urban areas as a collective civic responsibility.

Hull of a Home

Artwork profile of Mimi McPartlan’s “Hull of a Home”. A collection of artworks exploring personal and collective space.

Evolving Workspaces

Critical article by interior architect Markus Holste, analysing changes in workspace design using cinema as a reference point.

Time In Common

Time In Common is an art project by visual artists Hikari Nishida and Signe Cygan. The project explores the concept of collaboration through a ‘contract’ inspired by mail art, situationism and psycho-geography.

Collective Wisdom

Collective Wisdom is an architecture project by Lee Marable, examining the potential for collective living at both an urban and personal scale.